Direct Lender

Instantly become a mortgage banker and underwrite, close and fund your loans in-house.  Avoid having to disclose YSP, and gain greater crediblity with real estate agents,
builders and clients with your direct-lender status.  All this without going through the tedious process of obtaining audited financials, bonding, E&O insurance, warehouse
lines, correspondent investor approval, and the hiring, training and supervision of an underwriting, closing, and post-closing department.

Increased Revenue

Create your own comp plans.  Gain the ability to charge origination and earn YSP.  Keep excess YSP to pay for branch expenses.  And, mortgage bankers earn additional
YSP and SRP per loan, compared to a mortgage broker.  Even after considering the fees that are paid to the corporate office, you will still normally earn increased revenue
per loan.

Multi-State Licensing

It would take you thousands of dollars and months of your time to set up with licensing in multiple states.  By joining a mortgage bank branch company, you can instantly
become eligible to lend in as many as 48 states.

FHA / VA / USDA / 203k

Government lending has become today's subprime.  Without access to these programs, you are losing a significant amount of business, in addition to increased SRP. 
Mortgage bank branch companies are Full Eagle HUD approved, with experienced staff to train and guide you through all facets of FHA / VA lending.

Reverse Mortgage Lending

Most mortgage bank branch companies offer reverse mortgage lending and training.  This is currently the fastest growing mortgage product!

Managed Back Office

Your time is better spent managing your Loan Officers and personal production, not having to spend time on back office functions.  Offload your payroll, accounting, and
Human Resource functions to the corporate office, freeing you up to spend time making money.

Established Training Programs

Take advantage of established programs to train your originators and learn new products.

Compliance / Regulatory Support

It can be a full time job to keep up with federal and state compliance and regulatory requirements. Mortgage bank branch companies have the resources to handle this
increasingly critical function.  In addition, you no longer have to worry about time consuming state audits.

Group Benefits

With strength in numbers, mortgage bank branch companies can offer a Fortune 500 class benefits package including major medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and
401k retirement plans to you and your staff.


Take advantage of a professional marketing department to help you produce and manage TV, print and and direct-mail campaigns, as well as discounted telemarketing